Why you should take a first aid course

first aid courses

First aid training courses are thankfully far more accessible and widespread than they used to be.

There are now thousands of dedicated first aid training centres all over the country, and you can even embark on first aid training online. Most workplaces now have at least one first aider at all times, and if something was to happen to you in the street, the chances are that there will be a trained individual nearby.

Have you ever thought about learning first aid? Here are some reasons why you should…

For yourself

Let’s get the selfish (but still sensible) reason out of the way first. You never know when you might hurt yourself; everybody has at some point in their lives, be it a cut finger or a broken leg. First aid training will teach you what to do immediately to prevent your injury worsening. You could be out walking the dog and gash your leg, but you would know how to stop the bleeding before medical help arrived.

For your children

First aid is especially important if you have children. Kids get up to all sorts of mischief, and little injuries are bound to happen. Learn how to cope with the situation; whether it be a grazed and gritty knee, or a seemingly serious neck injury, you’ll be able to help them and give them a better chance of a swift recovery. Big kids also need a little TLC from time to time!

Sports and hobbies

If you’re a part of a sports team or club, you can be a highly valuable asset. Accidents do happen, and you can be there to calm the situation and provide relief.

For elderly relatives

The elderly are at a far greater risk of suffering an accident or illness than younger generations, and the consequences are often far worse. You could be the difference between life and death.

For your career

When you apply for a job, your first aid qualification can stand you head and shoulders above the rest. You’ll be an asset to any company.

First aid training may be the start of a successful career in the medical profession. One minute you’re bandaging bumped knees, and the next you’re a paramedic. You never know.

Contact us today about training as a first aider and reap the rewards.

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