Why Paediatric First Aid Training Is So Important

Paediatric First Aid


No one wants to be confronted by an emergency within the childcare industry. However, an emergency situation can rear its ugly head at any time.

Only those who are prepared for the worst case scenario can hope to get through it with the least chances of permanent injury or death. This is one of the reasons that it is so important that those who work with kids must undergo paediatric first aid training.

Paediatric first aid training will teach you how to respond if any of the little ones in your care are faced with a health emergency. When the moment of crisis happens, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Paediatric first aid training will help you to take the right appropriate action when it is needed the most. These courses will generally take between six and twenty-four hours depending on the programme. Additionally, refresher courses should be taken every three years.

Note that it is not enough just to take normal first aid training. You might have learned to handle many injuries such as a broken leg or sprained ankle. However, there are special circumstances that can arise in children that are not dealt with in general first aid classes. For example, if an infant is choking you do not have the luxury of using the same technique as you would use on an adult to dislodge the object from the trachea.

It is also important that anyone that you hire to overlook your own children be trained in paediatric first aid as well. Are you confident your nanny or babysitter will know how to react in the event of an emergency? Whose fault is it then if they fail to administer the proper life-saving treatments when the unexpected happens? You must take responsibility for ensuring that everyone who oversees your kids has the necessary training to respond appropriately when the unforeseen occurs.

Finally, there are issues of legal culpability that an organisation must deal with. Those who have placed little ones in your care expect qualified oversight. If an injury happens, and the staff panics failing to administer life-saving treatment, questions will be asked. Why did no one on staff know how to handle the situation? Whose responsibility was it to make sure that there was always someone on staff who had taken a minimum number of hours in paediatric emergency training? Ultimately, the underlying negligence can result not only in a permanent injury or loss of life but the filing of a costly lawsuit against the organisation. By making sure that members of your staff receive at least a minimal level of paediatric first aid training, you can increase the odds of surviving not only the injury but the resulting lawsuit.

Paediatric first aid training is quite affordable and will give you the piece of mind to know that in the worst case scenario, there will be someone who has some idea of the required course of action. Prepare now and call our team 0333 014 5433 at Trusted Training 4 U Ltd so that you do not have to grieve later.

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