Why employee training courses are so important

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High-quality training costs money, but it’s an investment organisations have to make.

Learning and development sessions can offer significant value to employees, teams and businesses as a whole, and deliver strong financial returns in the mid to long term. Without training, organisations can see costs mount quickly, while encountering other logistical problems.

Here are some of the key reasons employee training courses are so important:

1. Training boosts productivity

Skilled employees have a higher production value than unskilled workers. They are capable of delivering greater output using fewer resources, which can have a positive impact on an organisation’s bottom line. Training helps employees learn new skills, enabling them to take on more complex and valuable tasks, and deliver better results.

2. Training boosts morale

Workers want to feel as if they are developing their skills set, improving their CV and boosting their career prospects. If they participate in employees training courses, they will feel as if they are developing. This can make them happier in their roles and more likely to stay with their current employer for longer. Staff attrition costs money, so it is important to earn the loyalty of employees and encourage them to stay for the long term.

3. Training saves money

Better-trained employees, who have broader skills sets and a greater understanding of their role, are less likely to make mistakes. If jobs are completed correctly, first time around, there is no need to repeat them and duplicate the effort. Employee errors can be a drain on resources, costing organisations time and money.

4. Training helps satisfy customers

If employees are properly equipped to do their jobs – armed with the skills and knowledge they need – they are better-placed to meet customer expectations. This helps to retain valuable custom and also improve the reputation of the organisation – something that may help attract new business.

5. Training keeps employees safe

Health and safety training is vital for employees at all organisations, in order to raise awareness of hazards and ensure they understand best practice. This reduces the likelihood of accidents at work, which can cause injury, death, financial cost and reputational damage.

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