Want to know more About Paediatric First Aid Courses?

Paediatric First Aid Courses

Paediatric first aid courses have long been recommended for child care providers at several ages, from those providing care for infants to those providing care for children up to adolescence.

The bodies of children and their biological processes are subtly different, but not understanding these processes when applying first aid to a child can lead to serious complications and damage to the child if the nuances of a child’s health are ignored. Further, children are often quite liable to get themselves injured without any awareness that they were in danger in the first place, sometimes leading to terrifying moments where proper first aid can save a child’s life.

Most nurseries and schools employ some manner of child health care provider, but on the spot first aid is always a good idea for those who work around children often. A recently passed law has also put forth the notion that all child care providers should have some paediatric first aid courses in their CV in order to protect children. With this in mind, child care providers are well advised to meet the new law’s qualifications for these courses. Specifically, the law mandates that newly qualified child care providers at the level 2 and 3 qualifications must have an emergency paediatric first aid training certificate or a full fledged paediatric first aid training certificate. The intent of the law was to add 15,000 trained professionals to nurseries and preschools across the nation every year.

A basic paediatric first aid course lasts two days. These courses focus mostly on emergency situations, with a special focus on the kind of emergencies infants and small children will commonly find themselves.

Most of these courses are intended for those who work in nurseries, preschools and play gyms, all people who can and sadly often will find themselves needing to take care of children injured in one form of another. Ensuring that a first aid course is OFSTED certified can be quite important, as the new laws going into effect will only accept qualified certificates for workers.

The exact content of these courses is intended to cover the gamut of child care emergencies. Recognising and dealing with children in a state of shock is a high priority, as is resuscitation techniques focused on infants and small children. First responses to common child injuries are also covered, ranging from electric shocks to bleeding, as well as illnesses such as meningitis. Courses will also cover immediate responses to burns, choking, injuries to the vital neck, head and spinal areas, as well as responses to a child care provider’s suspicions of a fracture or poisoning.

These courses also cover more child focused situation such as foreign elements inside the child’s nose, ears or eyes, stings and bites and dangerous exposure to severe heat or cold. The course also covers the best responses to emergency situations coming from chronic conditions, such as asthma, sickle cell and diabetes, all conditions that are harder on children than adults. Finding a good training course for these emergencies can, rather naturally, be a matter of life and death.

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