The Value of Health and Safety Training in the workplace


In industry today, there are many situations where employees have been trained how to react in case of emergencies, and the actions due to this type of training have saved lives.

Health & Safety Training UK

Health & Safety Training UK

Health and safety training in various company settings should be a mandated training in all companies because if a person is having a heart attack, or is choking on something at lunch, sensible and informed people nearby can save lives.

Even in office settings there are situations where emergencies are just waiting to happen. Situations like the girl who was such a severe diabetic that she was always passing out due to her blood sugar levels, and at work she was not always able to regulate them. Her life was saved by a coworker who gave her some orange juice as she was becoming comatose.

Companies in industries where there are a lot of physical demands should regularly hold first aid, health and safety training simply because in more actively physical settings there is more of a chance of people exerting themselves, and of having a health or safety issue.

Much of the safety vulnerability in employer workplaces are the result of careless and sloppy upkeep in shops, maintenance areas and manufacturing facilities. Strict safety standards are the order of the day, and checklists should abound simply to be sure that nothing is left unattended to in these areas.

When management stresses health and safety concerns, and provides training in these areas on a periodic basis, employees appreciate the concern and reciprocate with good attitudes, better care in the workplace, and a more caring attitude towards one another.

Accidents would not be accidents if one part of the chain of events were to be taken out of the process of the accident occurring. For example most accidents are made up of a series of events that lead up to the accident. If just one of those events were to have not happened, the accident would have never occurred.

One object of safety training is to remove the objects from happening that cause accidents. There is a certain synergy involved with everyone pitching in together to be aware of situations. When known procedures and applications are put into place, there are fewer accidents, period.

Health concerns revolve around environmental issues in the workplace environment. Noxious fumes, exposure to toxic substances in manufacturing and similar concerns have certainly been noted over the years.

The asbestos situation has been a horrible example of how, when our need for industrial goods outweighs our concern for people’s health, can cause a dire situation indeed. Asbestos fibers, the major cause of mesothelioma, and been out of buildings, schools, and manufacturing plants for many years and with excellent results.

There are always new potential dangers to our health from processes, chemicals, fumes and other environmental substance used in industry, and for the most part our laws have come up to speed to the point where people are protected in most cases. Knowing what to do when exposure to these substances can go a long way towards keeping out workers safe while on the job.

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