Required Autism Awareness Training for Teachers Training In The UK

The government of the United Kingdom recently passed measures that confirmed that beginning in September 2018, every new teacher into the country’s school system will be required to learn about handling the needs of children and young people who are afflicted with autism spectrum disorders of various degrees of functionality and shades of awareness.


Previously, there had been no such measure requiring teachers learn how to deal with the special education needs and disabilities of children who have not only autism, but a range of conditions and illnesses. Though autism advocates have been campaigning for years to require such understanding on the part of the country’s teachers, it has only been recently that these measures have passed.

The framework officially incorporates special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) into the Initial Teacher Training frameworks that prepare teachers to take up the profession. Among other disabilities, the range of autism spectrum disorders are among the new subject matter teachers must have certification in by September 2018. The intent is introducing teachers to the methods and means of changing their teaching strategies so that students with autism can be more fully included in the classroom and educational process, as well as being helped to succeed academically.

Because the vast majority of children and young people with autism spectrum disorders are in mainstream educational systems, over seven thousand people signed a joint letter to the government calling for training to teach students with autism to be a compulsory part of the Initial Teacher Training (ITT). This wellspring of support comes from the simple fact that statistically, every teacher will eventually have to teach a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Because of this, many people both on the street and in official positions have decided that it is time that teachers be prepared to teach children with Autism spectrum disorders.

Providers of teacher training, such as colleges, are already incorporating the new ITT framework for teaching children with SEND issues, autism among them. While this is fine for new teachers who have not yet begun their careers, teachers already in the field are going to be required to eventually learn about dealing with children with autism. A number of training courses considered valid by the government are already emerging, not only for experienced teachers who need to prove to the school system that they have studied autism spectrum disorders in children, but also child care providers and paediatric health care professionals.

Among the best places to get this training is Trusted Training 4 U of the United Kingdom. Their Autism Awareness course is intended to prepare care workers to deal with clients who have autism, among them children with autism.

Their course offers two separate paths, one in childhood autism and the other in adult autism. The child development and autism awareness course is considered by the Department of Education to fulfil a teacher’s compulsory need to learn about children with autism, which all teachers are now required to learn by September 2018.

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