Prevent Duty Online Training

Trusted Training 4 U have introduced a new Online E-learning Course called ‘Prevent Duty’



Due to high demand and recent events in the UK, trusted training have decided to introduce a new online course educating people on radicalisation.

Course aims and objectives

  • To provide the learner with a clear understanding of the legislation regarding preventing radicalisation

  • To provide essential online learning resources in an engaging and meaningful way

What is covered in this online course?

  • Be aware of the objectives of the Prevent strategy
  • Understand how the health and social care sectors can contribute to the Prevent agenda
  • Be aware of your own professional responsibilities in relation to the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Be aware of the various factors that can make individuals susceptible to radicalisation
  • Understand how such vulnerabilities in individuals may result in risks to others
  • Understand your reporting responsibilities, where to find advice if you have concerns about vulnerable people who are being groomed in to terrorist related activities
  • Be aware of the key factors that may indicate that vulnerable people are being radicalised or are at risk of being involved in terrorism related activities
  • Be aware of how the internet and other indirect methods can lead to radicalisation of vulnerable people
  • Know what you need to do if you have concerns, including where to find advice and how to refer concerns
  • Know you responsibilities in relation to information sharing and the consequences of failing to share information

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