PM Theresa May announces schools to be offered mental health training.

In the national press this week Theresa May Plans to “transform” attitudes to mental health, with a focus on children and young people, have been announced by Theresa May.


Additional training for teachers, an extra £15m for community care, and improved support in the workplace were among measures announced by the PM.

Figures show young people are affected disproportionately with over half of mental health problems starting by the age of 14 and 75% by 18.

The package of measures also included:

  • A review of children and young people’s mental health services
  • An end to the issue of children being sent across the country for mental health treatment by 2021
  • A review of employment discrimination laws for people with mental health issues
  • A £66.7m investment in digital mental health services.

This is great news in bringing the long awaited awareness of mental health in our young and our adults. whether you are working with young children or adults you should be aware of the signs of mental illness and how to deal with someone with a mental illness in your working day.

Trusted training 4 u have a number of online and in-house training courses on Mental Health for Individuals, businesses, carers, care homes, schools and colleges.


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Dementia Awareness

Course Duration 3 Hours

This three hour course on dementia awareness is specifically designed for those working in caring professions who wish to gain a greater understanding of this complex condition. The programme aims to develop participants’ awareness of the varied needs of dementia patients, enabling them to better manage the disease and improve the physical and psychological support they can offer those affected by dementia.


Mental Health Awareness Course

Course Duration 2 Hours

This in-depth two hour long mental health awareness course is aimed at people working in, or aspiring to work in, a health care setting, such as a hospital, clinic, GP surgery or care home. This mental health awareness course will help participants to better understand the mental health needs of the patients they come into contact with. Course participants will be better equipped to help people with mental health issues; they will learn to deal with their needs appropriately and understand where they can best access appropriate services.

This mental health awareness course aims to build the confidence of health care workers when working with patients, clients and service users who have mental health problems.


E-Learning / Online courses – E Learning with Trusted Training 4 U provides staff with the flexibility to complete the learning course when and where they want. For example, we see a lot of businesses where staff will complete eLearning on their mobile phones or tablets after work, during commutes and in break times. small businesses should take advantage of this opportunity to help employees develop, improve productivity, increase staff retention rates and grow the business.

Dementia Awareness

Types Of Dementia
·                      Dealing With Challenging Behaviour
·                      Clinical Guidelines
·                      Interventions For Cognitive And Non-Cognitive

This course is aimed at all staff working in the care environment who work with people with dementia. A general understanding of the issues associated with dementia will be established. Candidates will gain under-pinning knowledge of the below issues and therefore will be able to put this into practice where necessary.

Mental Health Awareness Course

This course is aimed at staff working within a care environment. This course aims to build the capacity of health care workers in the field of mental health so that they are able to effectively respond to the mental health needs of their service users. Candidates will gain an understanding how to recognise the symptoms of mental disorders and how to understand that people experiencing possible mental disorders require appropriate services.

Care Certificate – Standard 9:

Awareness of mental health conditions, dementia and learning Disability
National Occupational Standards • MH14.2013 Identify potential mental health needs and related issues.

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