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First Aid Training via VR Technology

Virtual Reality solutions have changed the way we interact with the world and for good reason.


The based on it is not only easy to use but intuitive thus giving users a holistic learning experience. In the medical field, it has the potential to save lives and Trusted Training 4 U is UK’s first VR training course for first aid training. This is the UK’s first certified first aid course that offers VR immersion.

VR training allows users to immerse themselves in a scenario, make critical decisions, witness an emergency in a virtual reality setting and perform first aid as the situation demands. This allows them an engaging and effective way to learn first aid techniques in a safe setting.

To preserve the authenticity of the course, trained instructors are present on-site to guide users. Upon completion, users are given certificates that certify that they are trained to perform basic first aid for up to 3 years.

Why Trusted Training 4 U?

Medical emergencies don’t come with a warning and lives can be saved if even a single person knows how to perform basic first aid. The aim of the 6 hours long course is to help your employees understand and first aid basics properly. They deserve a safe work environment even if their workspace does not invite danger.

The aim of this course is to give your employees the courage to take action during a medical emergency immediately. Quick action can save more lives than a delayed response which can happen as panic sets in. Trusted Training 4 U is designed to immerse users in a virtual reality setting depicting real medical emergencies.

In other words, the course gives attendees the confidence and knowledge they need to determine and deal with real life incidents with the skills they learned in VR. This includes practical CPR, the most common first aid procedure that every user should aim to perfect.

The course uses virtual reality to supplement the curriculum so participants will not be immersed in virtual reality all the time. The course combines face to face training with VR learning for a holistic learning experience.

How Participants Benefit

Participants who complete the 6 hours long course successfully will leave with a practical and theoretical understanding of basic first aid procedures and concepts. This includes:

  • The importance of first aid

  • The role of the first aider

  • Regulations of the HSE

  • How to perform CPR

  • How to act during a medical emergency

  • How to respond to medical emergencies (such as bleeding, choking, seizures, fainting spells, workplace injuries etc.).

Workplace injuries can be serious depending on the environment your employees work in. Trusted Training 4 U can give them the practical skills they need to handle almost any medical emergency situation and mitigate possibly fatal consequences. Trainers interested in offering a VR course on their own are also welcome to join and can sign up on the website.

So, can your employees give first aid before first responders get to the scene? The course can help them save lives and prevent debilitating conditions.

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