First aid myths busted!

most common first aid myths

We all think we know what to do when a medical situation occurs – even for something as minor as a nosebleed.

But does that ingrained information actually stand true when the occasion arises, or are all of the first aid facts we’ve been spoon-fed since birth actually a load of old nothing?

Here we bust some of the most common first aid myths!

Butter heals burns

Butter might work a treat on burnt toast, but when it comes to actual skin ailments, this slippery substance simply isn’t going to cut the mustard. There are many ways to treat burns, but the most effective way to relieve pain in most situations is to run the area under cold water.

Tilting your head back stops nosebleeds

Once you’ve learnt a bit about the human body, you’ll know that the nose and throat form one connected path, and tilting your head back during a nosebleed only causes the blood to run down the throat, which is neither helpful nor pleasant. The correct way to stop a nosebleed is to tilt the head forward, not back, and to pinch the soft part above the bridge.

You can suck out a bee sting

Well technically this is true, but it certainly isn’t recommended! Sucking out a bee sting is highly unhygienic and there are far simpler solutions. The best method is to take something such as a credit card and pull it across the surface of the skin in order to fully remove the sting with minimal damage and without leaving any nastiness still inside.

Apply heat to a sprain

Yikes – not unless you want to do a lot more damage! Adding heat can actually create swelling and seriously worsen the problem; sprains should be treated with something cool instead. Applying ice or a cold compress will see an improvement in symptoms within a matter of hours.

Do you feel confident you know how to react in a medical emergency, and do the right thing? Some common misconceptions can lead to further problems, so being properly educated in first aid is beneficial. We offer first aid courses online & workplace First Aid training courses so you can scrub up on your knowledge from the comfort of your own home or within your company premises!

First aid kit by Marcin Wichary licensed under Creative commons 4

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