How Fire Safety Marshal / Warden Training Could Save Lives At Work

Fires occur at thousands of businesses every year. They not only result in damaged or destroyed buildings, they can also cause injury or death.


Here are some of the reasons that your business should take advantage of Fire Safety Marshal / Warden training.

Fire Safety Is The Law

The Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 requires that all employers provide fire safety training to their employees. It also requires that a certain percentage of your employees are to be designated as Marshals or Wardens to ensure the proper implementation of the mandated safety procedures. This requirement must be met even if a fire certificate has already been issued to your company under the Fire Precautions Act of 1971.

Being Appointed Fire Marshal Is A Huge Responsibility

The appointment as Fire Marshal or Fire Warden is a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It means that the chosen individual responsible for the safety of the others in the company, and knows what to do to ensure everyone’s safety in the event of a fire. It’s imperative that this individual is very familiar with the facility, and knows the best routes for evacuation in the event of a fire.

Better Training Means Better Preparation

A fire can go out of control in seconds, and depending on how the building was built, there may only be minutes to get everyone outside the building. Lives are at stake, and a fully training Fire Marshal can make all the difference. Upon appointment, the Fire Marshal is required to receive training in order to be best equipped to perform the role.

The training will help the individual to understand the responsibilities and how to respond to an emergency. Some of the topics that are covered by the training include:

*Combustion theory. This helps the individual to understand the factors involved in starting a fire, which in turn makes it easier to prevent a fire from occurring. Prevention is always the best course of action as it is very difficult to control a fire once it has started.

*Types of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are designed for particular uses. Understanding the uses of each type, enables Fire Marshals to make a determination of the type of fire extinguisher to have available at different locations in the building. For example, it is not recommended to use a water extinguisher for electrical fires due to the risk of electrocution.

Other topics covered by the course include: fire regulations, identifying precautions to take in the work place, how to respond to a fire, the purpose and proper execution of a fire drill, safe evacuation procedures, and fire safety legislation as it relates to the roles of the employer and employees.

There is no higher priority than to save lives in the event of a fire. Fire Marshal / Warden training is a vital part of workplace fire safety, and an irreplaceable first step toward ensuring the safety of everyone within the building.

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