Trusted training Sponsor the Northfield knights

Trusted Training Sponsor the Northfield Knights

Trusted Training 4 U Ltd are Proud to announce that we are sponsoring our favourite football team Northfield Knights. From all the team at Trusted Training 4 U we would like to wish the young boys in the Northfield Knights football team…
health-and-safety courses

Health & Safety Courses By Trusted Training 4 U

A Closer Look At Health & Safety Courses in UK By Trusted Training 4 U When it comes to running a company safely, health and safety courses are required training for employees. One of the best places to get this type of training is from…

Prevent Duty Online Training

Trusted Training 4 U have introduced a new Online E-learning Course called 'Prevent Duty'   Due to high demand and recent events in the UK, trusted training have decided to introduce a new online course educating people on radicalisation. Course…
Choosing-A-Great-Train-The-trainer course to suit your needs
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Choosing A Great Train The Trainer Course To Suit Your Needs

Everyone needs training. Even people who have been in leadership roles for years, if not decades, can still learn new techniques and refine their skills. If you wish (or need) to be a course trainer, it isn't simply a matter of learning a…

A brand New Training Course 'Put yourself in my shoes'

Put yourself in my shoes This course is designed for learners that struggle with the behaviours that are challenging. It is more than a Managing Challenging behaviour course, it is designed for the learners to be put in the shoe of the people…
What You Should Know About First Aid Training for childcare Professionals

First Aid Training for childcare Professionals

What You Should Know About First Aid Training for childcare Professionals There are all kinds of reasons that you might find yourself in need of paediatric first aid training. No matter what they are, you need to be sure that you find the…
certified-Training-course Provider

Certified Training Course Provider

Looking For A Certified Provider of Training Courses? For professionals of all stripes in the United Kingdom, continuing training whatever their field is an essential element of staying employed. While the exact type of training one needs…

A Care Home Training Provider Built On Trust

The elderly are probably the most delicate but nevertheless important members of the society. In ways more than one, aside from their wisdom and their contribution to the society, they should be valued and cared for because they deserve all…
Paediatric-first-aid-course London

Where To Get Training For Paediatric First Aid Course London

You can find these first aid courses in London with Trusted Training 4 U Ltd. They offer the best training courses and guarantees that you are going to learn the essentials and earn the appropriate certificate. Children are often more exposed…
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Care Home Training Providers In The UK

Care home training comes with numerous advantages such as helping the staff learn the necessary skills, building their confidence, and imparting the latest information in the industry. Elderly care is a big industry in the United Kingdom…