A brand New Training Course ‘Put yourself in my shoes’

Put yourself in my shoes


This course is designed for learners that struggle with the behaviours that are challenging. It is more than a Managing Challenging behaviour course, it is designed for the learners to be put in the shoe of the people they care for.

The course includes:

  • Scenarios
  • Role play
  • Cognitive tests that will put some pressure on the learners
  • The learners will be required to wear equipment; to feel what it is like for the life of the person they care for.
  • The learners will experience an experience a variety of hallucinations through video and audio.
  • The is an active and not passive course in which the aim is to change the thought process of Carers.

Aims and Objectives of the Course:

  • What is Mental health and How the Brain works.
  • The Umbrella of Dementia and what sits under it.
  • Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome
  • Managing the behaviours that may be challenging
  • The top 12 challenging behaviours
  • Put yourself in their shoes, this includes a variety of exercises
  • Communication
  • Flashpoints and Triggers
  • Your Role
  • The Impact of Care Giving
  • Recognising our own behaviour
  • Diffusing the situation
  • The Winterbourne enquiry
  • The key to Success

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