Electronic learning (e-learning) has advanced so that training courses can now be used on any device, anywhere, with the latest technology to engage all employees.


There is never a bad time to learn basic first aid, and it can easily be done through a quality online course. Trusted Training 4 U is a resource where either you or several employees can get certified first aid training. And seeing as there should always be designated individuals for an emergency at work, this training course will help to be prepared.

The course covers everything you need to know about helping to apply basic first aid, and the training is available on any device. This means employees don’t even need to leave the premises in order to get the necessary training.

The process is incredibly simple. You apply for the applicable first aid online course, and then you get access to the course for a full year. After the course has been successfully completed, you or your staff will be provided with a fully accredited certificate.

This first aid online course is so convenient that everyone can utilise it for their benefit. You can use it to educate your family, especially if you have kids. Or, you can use the course to empower employees, giving them more confidence in emergency situations.

See Our Course Lists Below For First Aid Related
E-Learning Training Courses.


Early resuscitation can improve survival rates by up to 60%. This course is for anybody, trained or untrained, who wishes to feel more confident in dealing with a collapsed adult or child. Please note that the Online course does not qualify its users to carry out either of these tasks without further practical training.


This course is suitable for people who are designated as an appointed person in the workplace. It will also meet the needs of those supporting a qualified First Aid at Work (FAW) practitioner. The content also fulfils the requirements for the FAW annual refresher.


This course will enable you to implement the medicines related aspects of the National Service Framework for Older people as well as fulfilling the requirements of the National Minimum Standards. The course is also relevant to those not directly involved in medicine administration but who would like a more in-depth awareness of the pros & cons of the role of medicines.


The Wound Assesment Traning course is staff currently working within the health care sector. Candidates will benefit from having knowledge of wound assessment and an understanding of causes, stages, treatment and risk factors associated with a service user with a wound.


The Wound Assessment Training course is staff currently working within the health care sector. Candidates will benefit from having knowledge of wound assessment and an understanding of causes, stages, treatment and risk factors associated with a service user with a wound.


Slips and trips are the biggest cause of serious injuries to people who work in catering and hospitality. Many result in broken bones or worse. Slips and trips can happen anywhere but most accidents happen in and around the kitchen. If you are a catering assistant, chef, cook, waiter or bar worker, you are most at risk. You have a legal duty to look after yourself and your colleagues at work.


Anaphylaxis is a potentially severe allergic reaction which attacks the immune system. Your whole body is affected, usually within minutes of contact with an allergen but sometimes the reaction can take place hours later. In serious cases can also lead to death.

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Book and pay for your chosen course/s. An email payment receipt will be sent from Stripe to your email.

Once we receive your order you will be emailed a notification with-in 24hrs. You will be supplied with your unique login details along with a full list of instructions on how to gain access to your E-Learing course.

You have 1 years access to our E-Learning platform to complete your course/s. With access 24hrs a day 7 days week from any internet device learning couldn’t be simpler.

Once the course has been completed you will receive a fully accredited certificate. You are able to print this out as soon as the course is completed.

If you have paid for your E-learning course and have received your login details you can login to the E-learning portal Order Phentermine Usa

Buy Diazepam In Uk Online

Please Order and Pay for your course/s here.
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