Electronic learning (e-learning) has advanced so that training courses can now be used on any device, anywhere, with the latest technology to engage all employees


E Learning with Trusted Training 4 U provides staff with the flexibility to complete the learning course when and where they want.

Our e-learning range includes a selection of health and safety online courses for the workplace. These courses provide employees with the skills that they need to ensure that the working environment is safe and that they can carry out their jobs correctly.

Our courses include conflict awareness, asbestos awareness, moving and handling of objects, display screen equipment courses and drug and alcohol courses.

Employers are obliged to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge required to take care of themselves and to keep the working environment safe for members of the public and for other employees. One major part of workplace safety is ensuring that employees are aware of potential dangers, and know the best practices that they can follow to reduce risks – whether that is having a desk that is laid out in a way that prevents RSI, knowing to take regular screen breaks, or knowing how to safely lift heavy objects.

Our courses are open to employers who wish to provide training for their employees, and to individuals who are interested in earning employer-recognised qualifications or in earning points for their CPD records. These online courses are ideal for learning new skills or refreshing existing ones.

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E-Learning Training Courses.


This course provides an awareness of the principles of good communication and record keeping within a care environment, to ensure effective communication skills and good practice when recording information.


This course is aimed at all staff. This conflict management course raises participants understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to managing conflict effectively. This course provides candidates with the skills and knowledge to deal with workplace violence, how to reduce risks, how to respond to difficult situations and what should be done after an incident has occurred.


This course is for any person who is involved in manual handling in the workplace and wants to learn how to conduct a personal risk assessment and move and handle loads safely.


This training course covers various important topics regarding display screen equipment (DSE) and how to adjust your workstation to suit you.


Minimise the risk to your business from drug use and dealing by ensuring your staff can spot trouble before it happens. After training your staff will be able to spot the signs of drug use and behaviour that could indicate dealing. They’ll also learn how to handle it to minimise the risk to your business. The course looks at everything from drug classification to spotting the effects of drug use on people and is designed for everyone at all levels.


This course is designed to provide delegates with the skills and confidence to both give and receive feedback effectively to and from others in the organisation (e.g. boss, peers, and subordinates).


This module will introduce you to Conflict Management Procedures.


This course helps people to clarify their own thoughts on the process and develop a model of mentoring that suits their specific context. The course also provides opportunities to tune up the necessary interpersonal skills that are essential for successful mentoring.


The Information Governance e-Learning module provides an introduction to information governance; covering, source of information, uses of information, legal and professional obligations, key information governance principles, and the Freedom of Information Act.


Our ‘Asbestos Awareness’ course aims to build awareness and develop knowledge and educating to the hazards and risks posed by asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) within their everyday working environment. It also offers an overview of the legislative measures in place to safeguard workers Course Content Asbestos products History of asbestos Health effects Identification Legislation Responsibility Treatment of asbestos Asbestos removal How employees may encounter asbestos


Customer Service helps users define who their customers are and understand their needs. The course also enables users to learn the customer service, personal standards and premises standards process; deal with complaints with good tactics, exceed customer expectations and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • The benefits of excellent customer service
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Handle complaints with care
  • Recognise & adapt to customer

How Does E-Learning with Trusted Training 4 U work?

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