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E-Learning Training Courses.


This care training course is aimed at care workers who are involved with clients who have Autism. Candidates will gain a better understanding of what Autism is and the effect it has on an individual. The course can follow two different pathways: Child development and Autism Awareness or Adult Mental Health and Autism.


This course is aimed at all staff. This conflict management course raises participants understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to managing conflict effectively. This course provides candidates with the skills and knowledge to deal with workplace violence, how to reduce risks, how to respond to difficult situations and what should be done after an incident has occurred.


This course is aimed at care workers who are involved with clients who suffer from epilepsy. Candidates will gain knowledge on the main effects of epilepsy and the importance of supporting services users to take medication as directed by their doctor. This course will also explore the different types of seizures and behaviour changes an individual may suffer from as a result of epilepsy.


he Infection control training course is aimed at staff working within the care environment. Individuals will understand the importance of why we need to have infection control measures implemented in the workplace. At the end of this course candidates will be able to state the obligations and responsibilities that should be performed when dealing with infection control issues. In addition to this candidates will be able to demonstrate and explain hand washing techniques along with having an understanding of maintaining a clean environment.


This moving and handling of people training programme is designed to provide students with the essential knowledge and understanding of the safe process of moving people to prevent injury to themselves and the person being moved, whilst also covering the legal requirements regarding the handling of people.


The Palliative care awareness course is for candidates working within caring role for those who have a life-limiting illness. This course will enable candidates to undertake the carer’s role with confidence applying understanding of palliative care providing dignity, comfort and empathy.


This safeguarding children course is designed to give everyone who works, or has contact with children, young people and/or their families, an introduction to safeguarding and to raise awareness of the below areas


Early resuscitation can improve survival rates by up to 60%. This course is for anybody, trained or untrained, who wishes to feel more confident in dealing with a collapsed adult or child. Please note that the Online course does not qualify its users to carry out either of these tasks without further practical training.


This training course covers various important topics regarding display screen equipment (DSE) and how to adjust your workstation to suit you.


Self harm is an extremely complex issue, both for those who self harm and the professionals who support them. This module will raise your awareness of self harm, help you to develop an understanding of the issues faced by self harmers, and what you can do to help them.


This programme is suitable for any healthcare practitioner who is involved in the administration of medicines.


On completion, learners will have an increased understanding of Legionnaires’ disease, including the potential consequences of an outbreak and the symptoms associated with the disease. The module also provides information on the relevant legislation and requirements for compliance.


This course will provide you with an understanding of the differences between acute and chronic wounds and changes within the wound healing process. You will explore what wounds become chronic and why. Using the wound healing continuum you will learn about specific tissue types involved and the management of chronic wounds.


In this course you will learn you have a duty of care towards the people you support. This means that you have a duty to keep them safe from harm. You can do this by working safely, managing risks, safeguarding individuals and treating information confidentially.

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