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Being qualified in first aid can be beneficial for a variety of scenarios, but particularly in the workplace.

This fully accredited level 3 First Aid at Work course is specially designed to cover the most common risks and injuries sustained in the workplace, and is ideal for individuals who are assigned as workplace first aiders.

Every business should have at least one qualified first aider available to deal with incidents in which immediate care is necessary, and this accredited three day course is the ideal training solution for nominated employees.

First Aid at Work training course

The course covers a wide variety of emergency first aid skills, including:

– Dealing with unconscious casualties
– Treating emergency situations such as choking, sudden poisoning, anaphylaxis and serious external bleeding
– Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
– Dealing with minor injuries, burns and scalds and minor external bleeding
– Understanding causalities in shock and how to deal with them
– Recognising illnesses and injuries
– Assessing the severity of injuries to muscles, bones and joints
– Recognising potential head injuries and spinal injuries
– Recognising potential chest injuries

Level 3 Award First Aid at WorkAs well as these basic skills, learners will also develop an understanding of health and safety regulations and their responsibilities as a first aider, and will know how to:

– Keep an appropriate first kit
– Manage incidents in which first aid is necessary
– Assess dangers, treating casualties and passing on information to emergency services if needed
– Maintain relevant records such as accident books

There are no previous qualifications required to complete the First Aid at Work course and learners are not required to have any prior knowledge of first aid. This course is ideally suited to businesses in which health and safety risks are low, but which could be made even safer with the support of a trained first aider.

The duration of the First Aid at Work course is six hours, and it is a very practical course. Learners are encouraged to be very hands on in order that they can put into practice the skills they have learned, as this is the best way to give them the confidence and knowledge to deal with real-life first aid incidents in their workplace.

Once the course is completed, learners will be fully qualified and accredited as workplace first aiders for three years, after which time they will need to complete refresher courses once every year to ensure that their skills remain up to date with changing legislation or first aid guidelines.

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Dates: 30th, 31st and 1st of June 2017 (3 day course)

Time: 9am until 4pm (1 hour break)

This course will be held at Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, E16 1AH, London

First Aid at Work Course

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