Food business operators are legally required to ensure that food handlers are appropriately supervised and trained to handle food safely.

The risks to the business and to the health of customers and staff should hygiene standards be neglected are simply too high.

If you are currently working or planning to work in catering or hospitality, whether at a café, bar, restaurant, takeaway, school, hospital, or any other environment where you will be preparing foods for others to eat, you will benefit from completing our accredited course. Not only will the skills and knowledge gained give you full confidence that you are preparing, cooking and handling food in a way that prevents or minimises health hazards, but you will find more opportunities open to you with this qualification on your CV.

Our level 2 award in food safety is fully approved by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). It is delivered by accredited and approved instructors to gain the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF). The course is regularly reviewed and updated in line with any regulatory changes that affect the food industry and any training materials are amended immediately to reflect this.
On completion of our TQUK approved level 2 award in food safety, you will be able to identify food hygiene hazards; understand and institute correct food handling practices, food safety controls and food safety management systems and know how to prevent cross contamination and maintain a clean, hygienic workplace.

You will receive a formal certificate as evidence of your new qualification.

accredited Food safety coursesOn this course you will learn:

• The importance of correct hygiene and food safety in the workplace

• Current legislation, rules and regulations around food preparation standards

• Safe systems and techniques to help you meet these standards

• The role of the employer and the employee in food safety

• Controlling and reporting risk factors

• Correct management and maintenance of food premises and equipment

• Personal hygiene and food handling regulations

• How to store food safely

• Temperature control of food and why it matters

• Refrigeration, chilling and cold holding

• Cooking, hot holding and reheating

• Correct cleaning for food preparation premises

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